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We answer your preconceived ideas


Myth no. 1: "Dimming is useless".

Wrong! Dimming not only allows you to adapt the light to different moments in your life, but also to save energy and extend the life of your luminaires.

Myth n°2: "Lighting has an impact on our well-being".

True! Light stimulates the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone, and melatonin, which regulates sleep. On the other hand, lighting that's too dark can encourage feelings of sadness and depression, while lighting that's too bright can make you anxious.

Myth no. 3: "Lighting fixtures can hurt your eyes".

Indeed, if lighting fixtures are poorly adjusted, they can be aggressive. However, it is possible to adjust the intensity and color of lighting fixtures to achieve a soft, natural ambience.

Myth no. 4: "Lighting is not important in decorating a room".

On the contrary, lighting is an essential part of decorating. It's used to enhance areas, create mood and create decorative effects.

Myth n°5: "6000k lighting is more powerful than 2000k".

This has nothing to do with the CRI (Color Rendering Index), i.e. a warmer (2000k) or cooler (6000k) color.

Myth no. 6: "Lighting is all the same, there are no differences."

Wrong! Every type of lighting has its own specificity, whether it's indirect or direct lighting, mood lighting or functional lighting.

Myth no. 7: "Luxurious lighting fixtures are all ostentatious and flashy".

It's true that some fixtures can look impressive.

However, luxury fixtures are generally timeless and unique.

Myth no. 8: "Luxury lighting is excessively expensive".

It's true that their price is quite high, but they're justified by the quality of the materials used, and also by the limited number of copies, which makes them unique.